8 Best Welding Cart Reviews

Best Welding Cart

Why look for the best welding cart when you can choose randomly? Let us tell you why! Moving around machines and appliances used for plasma cutting and welding during work can be somewhat unwieldy. While there are some tremendous portable plasma cutters available, it’s still much less strain on the back to move them around … Read more

How To Weld Cast Steel

how to weld cast iron

Many people confuse cast steel and cast iron. The two metals look almost alike. Most of the castings are made from steel instead of iron because steel has better flexibility and high shock resistance, which cast iron does not pose. You can differentiate cast steel from cast iron by the look of the surface color. … Read more

AC Vs DC Welding

ac vs dc welding

If you have any interest in welding or a welder, you have heard about the AC and DC terms. AC and DC are current types utilized during the welding procedure. Welding requires a constant current flow with varying polarity based on the welded material. To ensure you have an excellent weld, it is essential you … Read more