5 Best Multi Purpose Welders Review 2020 & Buying Guide

Those days of using individual welder per job are gone! How you may ask. There are machines now that allow for multiple welding activities to be done using a single welder.

That’s right! Why bother buying individual welders, wasting money and time when you can get it cheaper and finish more projects within a shorter period.

Choosing the best multi process welder can be difficult; but through this article seeing the pros and cons, types of welders and tips on buying a welder suitable for you, you can say we have made the process a very easy one.

Evolution and technology are meeting every aspect of life; so welcome to modern-day welding.

5 Best Multipurpose Welder Reviews

There are different multi-process welders for various welding operations. Below is a detailed description of the top multi-purpose welders available

1. Lotos CT520D Air Plasma Cutter/Tig/Stick Welder 3 in 1 Combo Welding Machine

Of all the multifunctional welders mentioned this is the most suited for professional work. It offers high performance and yields factory-grade welds. It is one of the best multi purpose welders on the market. And, it is specially made for people who make a living out of welding. You could consider this for your factory.

The weld itself is very smooth and you can run any top-notch job with it. The beads and slag formation are designed to minimal. The molten metal does not run off to the sides as a result. This makes for very smooth finishes on metal attachments.

It runs on alternating current, which means that you can just plug it into your socket and run it. The more useful bit is that it can run on both 110V and 220V. These are the two most common voltages at which the main electricity is supplied. That means it can run effectively in various geographical locations.

The extent of its professionalism can be found in other aspects as well. Most welding machines make noise. And not just a little. However, not this one. It has noise dampers fitted inside to minimize the noise. This makes the thing hum rather than rattle like the others.

Finally, a statement should be made to vouch for its power. It can penetrate the thickest of steels and it’s fast at it too. The rapid penetration rate makes it a very high-performance tool to have. You can literally keep going just like in the factory. In fact, it can melt through four inches of metal in five seconds flat.

Highlighted Features

  •  Runs both on 220V and 110V
  •  Smooth weld
  •  Professional finish
  •  High power weld
  •  Weld speed is excellent
  •  Noise reduction features

2. 200 Amp TIG Torch/Arc/Stick DC Inverter Welder

This boasts an intricate design known as a synergic design. It allows for the coordinated control of all the actions that are being performed. If all goes on point, you don’t have to worry about controlling this manually. It adjusts and regulates the voltage and the wire speed to boost efficiency.

The controls to these parameters, however, aren’t non-existent. They are there too just in case anyone wants to manually customize the machine. On top of that, they are very easy to operate as well because of their simplicity. The controls make this thing a friend to anyone looking to take up welding as a hobby.

This includes the tig mode of welding too. And this mode is particularly good. It is efficient and very smooth. The joining can be done almost seamlessly. Also, the airflow of the inert gas is also very regular. The torch can be moved about easily as well, making it a very versatile tig welder.

The welder also has a third mode, which is MIG. This is slightly different from TIG, the metal from the welder fuses with the material. This mode is pretty intense. It can plow through ⅛ steel easily. With other metals, you’ll feel like you’re running a hot knife through butter.

Fittings and wires are fastened on this tightly. A welder, especially a multi function one can have a myriad of wires and pipes. This can be a mess to handle and they might come off too. In this model, particular care was taken to make sure the wires are secured well and they were neatly arranged too.

Highlighted Features

  •  Synergic design
  •  Good tig features
  •  Mig mode can cut thick metals
  •  Wires securely fit
  •  Runs on both 220V and 110V

3. 2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder

Coming with the main two modes, namely stick and tig, this model by AHP works wonders, particularly with the arc mode. Getting started with it, striking an arc is very easily done. You just have to swipe it lightly to begin. The quick startup makes it an easy contraption to use.

In this mode, the stick is easily manipulated. You can sweep it around very narrow angles and get the welding done very precisely. The fusing of metals is also very smooth. The bumps and beads produced are very minimum. This gives your final product a professional look.

And unlike many particular welders, this can run on alternating current (AC). Direct current (DC) can be an issue as you don’t get that from the main power line. You have to invest in an adapter, which can be expensive and inefficient. Nevertheless, apart from using AC on this, you can adjust the frequency.

The tig mode is nothing to scoff at either. It runs on very low current, thus saving you some bucks in the long run. This mode is also very good at precise joins. Very thin materials or sheets, even as thin as 0.2 millimeters can be welded and sealed with the very minimum bumps.

The clamp-on falls a little short. It is made of copper that is somewhat fragile and can be bent back easily. This can lead to an insecure fit on the floor, which has led to many users opting for a replacement custom floor clamp. The good news is, its parts are common, so getting a replacement is easy.

Highlighted Features

  •  Stick mode has smooth welding
  •  Control is easy
  •  Tig mode can weld thin pieces
  •  Good accessories
  •  Can run on AC

4. Forney Easy Weld 271 Multiprocess Welder

This machine welds up to 5/6II and comes with an 8II electrode holder. It is very light in weight as it weighs just 24.8 pounds with its 10I MIG gun. The lightweight makes it very portable and easy to move around for home duties and any other operation that requires moving the welder.

It is used for maintenance and repair, metal fabrication, metal artistry, hobbyist and also used for do-it-yourself projects. However, it is not designed for heavy or industrial operations.

The welder has an eight inches ground clamp and comes with a 20A-15A adapter. It requires no gas for operation as it makes use of wireless gas. It is a MIG/DC, TIG/Stick welder but does not include TIG torch.

You will find it relatively affordable and also very easy to use; whether you are an experienced welder or a novice.

This welder lasts long because it is made with high-quality materials. It has a 120 voltage. This multi-process welding machine allows for convenience while using it.

If you are not using this welder for industrial purposes or any other heavy duties, then be rest assured that you will enjoy this machine. This welder requires no batteries for its operation. It is very cheap to come by.

Highlighted Features

  •  This welder comes with solid wire
  •  It does not require the use of gas
  •  Comes with a torch wrap
  •  Hs wire speed control
  •  Allows for easy movement because of its lightweight
  •  Processes MIG/DC and TIG/Stick
  •  Does not include TIG torch
  •  Durable welder made with high-quality materials

5. Lotos Technology 04-ZVGR-008D – Top Rated 3 in 1 welder reviews

This is the best 3 in 1 combo welder that has a 50A pilot arc plasma cutter, 200A TIG welder, and 200A stick welder. Using the 50A pilot arc plasma cutter function, it can cut through different types of metals of up to ½ inches.

The welder has a pilot arc plasma cutting function which enables it to cut through rough, painted and rusty surfaces while producing minimal slag.

It can cut through alloy steel, mild steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum with air. It has a dual voltage of 220V/110V. This welder is suitable for welding as it comes with different types of base / acid electrodes.

This multi-process welder is made from high-quality materials which makes it durable.  It is a very portable welder with an adjustable hot striking arc current which can improve the arc starting function greatly.

It has a 150inch torch cable length. It comes with an 80 inches work-piece cable length. It has an 80 inches stick holder cable length. It comes with a 108 inches airflow cable length. It also comes with a 70 inches power cable length.

Overall, it is the best use for different kinds of welding, especially acid and the basic electrode. With combined functions such as TIG/ Stick Welding and also with a pilot arc plasma cutter, it’s an exceptional piece.

Highlighted Features

  •  Non-touch pilot arc plasma cutter
  •  Allows for DC TIG/Stick weld
  •  Easy to use
  •  Light in weight
  •  Durable and made from high-quality materials
  •  Comes with automatic dual voltage/dual frequency
  •  Makes use of non-hazardous air to cut

Pros And Cons of Multi-Purpose Welder

Using a multi-purpose welder has so many advantages over using an individual welder for single welding activity. Although it also has its disadvantages as nothing is immune to disadvantages, it is still better than using individual welders.

What Is Multi-Process Welding?

Multi-process welding as the name implies is the way or activity in which welders carry out some different welding activities. Now, this activity has been made to be carried out using just one welding machine.

The welding machine that performs all these tasks is called a multi-process welder. This machine makes it easy for a welder to take on different activities; such as fabrication or construction activities in the workshop or on the site, using one device with one power source.

The Advantages

  • It is relatively cheaper to get one machine that does a number of welding activities than to get individual welders.
  • Using this saves time and allows for faster completion of jobs. It will enable gives room for more welding activities to be done using just that welder.
  • It is convenient to use and can be easily adjusted for your various needs and it is portable.

The Disadvantages

  • The only disadvantage a multi-purpose welder has is its weight. Some machines weigh a lot. If it is to be used in the industry, then it is no problem.
  • But imagine having a say; a 40-pound machine that requires you to move it around would not be easy at all.
  • Taking into consideration the rate at which you will be moving the machine around before buying can enable you to choose the good quality multi-purpose welder that eliminates this problem of weight. This is because there are lightweight welders available as well.

How to Choose the Best Multi-Process Welder?

In buying a multi-process welder, it is certain that the operator will want to choose the best one he can find. Several factors have to be considered before making any decision on what multi-process welding machine to buy.

These factors below will guide you depending on what you want to do with the machine, to buy the one that suits your needs the best.

Performance of The Welder

Before getting a multi-process welding machine, ensure it has a high-performance rating. This allows for more productive work in a reasonable time. Check reviews and ratings of the device to give you a clue as to how the machine is.

Positive reviews = high performance most of the time. Do not buy the machine blindly when you have access to the feedback from other people that have tested it.

Power Supply – AC & DC Capability

Power supply plays an important role when purchasing a machine as it affects many things while using the machine. Some multi-process welding machines require a type of constant current; either AC or DC.

If you buy a multi-process machine that supplies the two, this will give you the flexibility to use it on a number of welding activities.

For example, the MIG and stick welding requires the use of a DC current most times. Any welder that has both AC and DC capability is the best quality multi-purpose welder machine to consider getting. 

Your Budget

Knowing how much you have budgeted for the machine, streamline to the reason you want the machine, to get a good machine no matter your budget. Different multi-process welders come with different features that also come at different prices.

The weight of The Machine

Depending on the reason for getting the machine, you should also consider the weight. If you are going to leave the machine in one location for a long duration of time; you can afford to get the heavyweight machine.

In the instance that you are getting it for small projects which require you going from place to place regularly; it is advisable to get a more portable lightweight machine to make it easy for you while moving.

If you do insist on getting the heavier weighted machine; you will need a welding/plasma cutter cart to enable you to move the machine.


No operator would want to spend money on getting a multi-process machine that would pack up after just a few times of use. Getting a durable machine is essential and gives value for your money spent on acquiring the machine.

Make sure to pay attention to the warranty of the machine you want to buy; in fact, I should have started with the fact that you have to get a multi-process machine that comes with a warranty.

Where Can I Use This Machine?

Multi-process welding machines can be used either at home or in the workshop on a small scale; or in the industry on a larger scale. They come in different sizes and different weights depending on where you want to use the machine.

If you intend to use it at home or in a small workshop; best get the one that is light in weight but still performs the operation you want it for.

Since you would be moving around a lot, you cannot afford to be moving such a heavy machine everywhere you go.

You can focus more on the operations when getting for a large-scale operation for the weight will be of little or no importance because the machine will be in a particular place for quite some time.

Final Words

One of the top-rated multi-process welders listed here should meet your needs. Get one and watch how everything would be made easy for you.

So, why not get a multi-process welder today, even now! Because the advantages far outweigh the disadvantage of owning individual welders.

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