10 Best TIG Welder for Beginners – Reviews & Buying Guide

When you are planning to buy the best TIG welders, you cannot compromise with quality. First of all, they are expensive and settling for something that is not worth the money is not justified at all.

There are numerous TIG welding machines available in the market and choosing from these varieties is again a hectic task.

Due to lack of knowledge, people at times cannot even determine which is the best TIG welding machine to choose for their purpose.

A TIG welding machine is adapted to weld different sorts of metals like welding very thin aluminum, copper, steel and even exotic species of metals like manganese and magnesium.

Thus, going through a review of the top rated TIG Welder will help you to understand the uses and benefits of a certain model of TIG Welder they require.

With little or no knowledge about the working principles of a TIG welder, you will end up buying a welder which is not suited for your purpose. So, here is a detailed review which will clear all the queries you had while purchasing a welder.

10 Best Tig Welder Reviews

1. AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder with PULSE 110v 220v

This is one of the latest welding machines in the market and consists of all advanced working features which are perfect for professional usage.

Comes with advanced inverter technologies and also uses IGBT technologies.

The Power with Modulation feature of this machine gives better control and a long-lasting power source for better working of the device.

Possess a high-quality metal foot pedal which makes working with the machine even easier.

Since the power source is both AC and DC, you can weld almost any type of metal with ease, and you can expect outstanding results from it.


  • Item weight- 69 pounds
  • Product dimensions- 19 x 23 x 12 inches
  • Power source- AC/DC
  • Comes with a foot pedal


  •  Comes with AC and DC facilities
  •  A precise metal foot pedal is present which makes working with the machine easier.
  •  Perfect for all purpose uses, be it professional or at home.


  •  The HF duty is not perfect for professional usage and is fine for hobbyists.

2. EVERLAST PowerARC 140 140amp Lift Start TIG / Stick IGBT Welder Dual Voltage

If you are looking for a welding machine which consumes less electricity, then this is your perfect choice.

The EVERLAST PowerARC 140 comes with a digital display which makes changing modes and settings very easy and efficient.

The DC arc of this machine is stable, smooth and controllable. This machine comes with a manual gas valve and an inbuilt torch of 140 Amp.

It also comes with an automatic Hot Start for reduced electrode striking.

This machine is perfectly designed to weld stainless steel.


  • Part number- POWERARC 140ST
  • Item weight- 24.8 pounds
  • Product dimensions- 20 x 12.5 x 13.5 inches
  • Power source- DC
  • Voltage- 240 volts
  • Amperage capacity- 140 A


  •  Comes with a digital display facility.
  •  Perfect for welding steel.


  •  Cannot weld aluminum since there are no AC facilities.
  •  Uses only DC.
  •  Do not possess any pedal.

3. Lotos CT520D 200A TIG/ Stick Welder, Dual Voltage 220V/110V – Best tig welder for the money

This is an all in one welding machine. If you are looking for something that can weld almost all types of metals, then the Lotos CT520D is your perfect choice.

This is designed primarily for beginners and for DIY activities. Although it is for beginners, it still possesses all professional work features.

CT520D combines 3 functions into one with a 200 A DC TIG Welder, a 200 A Stick Welder, and a 50 A Air Plasma Cutter with the flip of a switch.

It also incorporates a handle for better portability.

Dual Voltage Capability Allows the Machine to Run Directly on 220V 50/60 Hz Power, or on 110V 50/60 Hz.

This machine uses non-hazardous compressed air to weld steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, and aluminum as well.

This tool is perfectly suitable for welding as it uses different acid and base electrodes. And lastly, it also comes with an 85% on electrical efficiency.


  • Part number- NC-FXDR-KJUX
  • Item weight- 38.5 pounds.
  • Material- Steel.
  • Electric current output- 15-200AMP


  •  Comes with air plasma cutter which gives high precision and smooth cuts easily.
  •  This is a 3 in 1 combination since it comes with 50 A air plasma cutter, 200 A TIG welder, 200 A stick welder.
  •  It also possesses Dual voltage facilities and can weld almost all metals.


  •  Does not have any foot pedal to control the heat generated while working.

4. Forney 322 140-Amp MIG/Stick/TIG Multi-Process Welder

This is a multipurpose welder since you can perform both MIG and TIG.

It works great for maintenance and repair work and can be used for light industrial welding purposes too.

This is an inverter type machine and comes with MIG and Stick set up. Works with 120 volts (20 amp or 15 amp adapter plug included) with 140 amp to give maximum output.

You get a gas hose attached to the device and a regulator that makes working and welding easy by easy switching.

The device comes with enhanced features like spool gun capability, standard MIG, synergic modes of MIG, a holder for the stick electrode, HD cast aluminum drive system.


  • Weight- 4.72 pounds
  • Power cord- 4.5m
  • Spool size- 4”
  • Input power- 120V (20A standard or 15A with adapter)
  • Gun or torch size- 10ft or 3.04 m
  • Part number- 322
  • Product dimensions- 20.2×10.2×16 inches.
  • Size- 140 AMP MP
  • Material- metal
  • Amperage capacity- 140 A
  • Cord length- 8 feet
  • Measurement system- standard.
  • Electrode diameter- 3/32” to 1/8”


  •  This is a multipurpose working device with which you can perform MIG, TIG as well as stick welding.
  •  This tool comes with a spool gun and is an inverter- based machine.


  •  Do not possess any foot pedal. You have to purchase foot pedal separately.
  •  Uses only DC.
  •  This tool device is not very lightweight and does not have a handle for better portability.

5. TIG 160 AMP Torch ARC Stick Welder 110/230V Dual Voltage Welding Machine – Best Budget TIG Welder

If you are looking for something multifunctioning and also sturdy at the same time and is also consumes less power, then this machine is your best shot.

This welding machine comes with TIG/STIC/ARC 2 in 1 facility.

Possess a very powerful and sturdy welder that can weld up to 3/8” stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper cast, cast iron, and chrome.

Gives clean and flawless results with no spatter or flames spark or post-weld clean up complications.

Comes with a dual voltage input of 110V/230V which enables the user to plug in the equipment to any power supply.

This machine is a rectifier adopted with advanced inverter technology.


  • Input power- 110/230V/1 phase/60/Hz.
  • Output range- DC 20-160 AMPs
  • Input current- 37A(110V) and 25.8A(230V)
  • Rated output- 25.2V & 26.4V
  • Product dimensions- 16.6 x 7.5 x 11.8 inch
  • Transfer plug- 230V
  • Electrode size- 1/8” and 3/32”
  • Amperage capacity- 160A
  • Handle material- plastic
  • Item model number- TIG- 160DC
  • Model weight- 15 pounds.


  •  The Multifunctioning features are perfect for extensive works as well as subtle welding works.
  •  Powerful sturdy welder adapted to weld most of the metals and gives flawless finished end product.
  •  Creates no post-weld clean up complications.


  •  This machine is comparatively quite heavy, so users will face issues while moving it.
  •  Does not work with plasma cutting torch.

6. Hobart 550055 1 EZ-TIG AC/DC TIG welder 230V

This is a perfect choice for people who are looking for a welding machine that is going to give them quick working results with easy controlling features then the Hobart model is ideal for them.

This machine comes with a unique single knob controlling feature which makes welding very easy and hassle-free.

This welding machine comes with a package of 230V AC and DC facilities which enables the user to weld any metal be it aluminum, steel, stainless steel, Chromoly, etc.

The welding performance is also superior to many other machines as it can weld from 22 gauge to 3/16 inch.

The machine is lightweight and comes with two handles which makes it very portable. Also, setup procedures are straightforward and user-friendly.

This machine has a unique feature in which high-temperature detection is followed by the shutting down of the device on its own. This way a lot of injuries can be prevented as well as your welding quality will be maintained.

Since this is an inverter-based machine, the power source provides a better welding arc and also uses less power.

This model comes with infinite amperage control which gives a better working range and control while working.


  • Item weight- 60 pounds
  • Product dimensions- 26.8 x 13.7 x 20.8 inches
  • Power source- AC and DC
  • Part number- 500551


  •  Lightweight and easily portable.
  •  Comes with a cooling fan which cools down the machine and also stops the entry of debris and dust inside the unit.


  •  Do not possess any foot pedal.

7. Amico TIG-225/220 Amp HF TIG Torch/stick/Arc Welder 115 & 230V Dual Voltage Welding Machine

This is also a multi-functioning machine with 2 in 1 facility like TIG / STICK / ARC 2-in-1 Welder and is the best choice for high load welding works.

This comes with an advanced inverter technology and arc functioning modes which gives precision to your work.

Lightweight machine along with 15-200 amps makes it absolutely suitable for professional as well as for personal use.

Creates no mess after welding, so post welding complications are minimized. Also creates no spatter or unnecessary smoke which constricts the visual field or welding pool of the user.

Comes with inbuilt automatic temperature control and fan dormancy which prevents overheating of your welder, thus maintaining the quality of your metal and also saves the machine from causing any injury to the user.


  • Item weight- 16 pounds
  • Product dimensions- 16 x 6.5 x 12 inches
  • Power source- AC 110V & 230V Dual Input Voltage


  •  Come with an automatic cooling system.
  •  Creates no mess after welding.
  •  Lightweight and comes with a handle which makes it portable.


  •  Cannot weld aluminum.

8. Square Wave® TIG 200 TIG Welder K5126-1

This machine comes with advanced working facilities, yet they are perfect for beginners as it is very user-friendly.

If you are finding something perfect to weld aluminum, then this machine is ideal for your welding work.

This is super lightweight, and you can easily carry and plug it anywhere, and you are good to work.

This is specially designed for beginners who are looking for welding machines to enhance their welding practices.


  • Item weight- 73.2 pounds
  • Package dimensions- 20 x 20 x 13 inches


  •  Absolutely lightweight.
  •  User-friendly.
  •  Perfect for beginners.


  •  Creates spatter.

9. AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200-Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder with Pulse 110V and 200V

AHP alphatig is a versatile machine, no matter where you use it, be at home for your welding hobby or business purpose, this is going to give you the best results. Mainly used for welding stainless steel and aluminum, you can weld any other metal using this tool without facing any technical issues.

Unlike most of the welding machines, ahp alphatig model is highly effective and will give you an exact cut regardless of the thickness of the metal. If the metal is thin or thick, you can expect a precise cut which the ultimate choice of a suitable artisan.

You can weld ¼”aluminum, 3/8″ mild steel using ahp alphatig efficiently.

A square wave inverter is present for aluminum welding and is provided with pulse frequency for simple set up and operation.


  • Weight- 38 pounds
  • Product dimensions- 19 x 23 x 12 inches
  • Power source- AC/DC
  • Part Number- AlphaTIG 200X


  •  You get full control of ahp alphatig machine without engaging any of your hand for maintaining or controlling.
  •  AHP alphatig comes with a foot paddle which makes operation even smoother while working.
  •  This device is portable, and you can do it easily without external help. AHP alphatig is a bit bulky but very light which the tool is dismantled. But still compared to any other machines ahp alphatig is very light.


  •  The foot pedal tends to slip away at times so that requires some special care or else your work will be disrupted.

10. Everlast PowerTIG 200DV 200amp 110/220 Dual Voltage PULSE AC DC Welder

Being amongst the latest welder models, everlast powertig comes with dual voltage and a digitally controlled IGBT inverter.

The unit is definitely portable and can be used with any generator that is rated for a sustained 3500 watts (120V).

The color-coded knobs for controlling the everlast powertig machines make it easier to understand the working principle of the unit and makes it absolutely user-friendly as well.

The Arc force control gives better anchorage of the arc while working which makes welding easier and gives exceptional results.

Everlast powertig comes with a comfortable handle which makes it perfect to carry around and work anywhere and everywhere.


  • Item weight- 60 pounds
  • Product dimensions- 24 x 9 x 17 inches
  • Power source- AC/DC
  • Voltage- 220 volts
  • Amperage capacity- 200 A


  •  Easily portable while working
  •  Possess digitally controlled IGBT inverter.
  •  Has both AC and DC facilities.


  •  Possesses no foot pedal which makes working a bit difficult

How To Choose a good Tig Welder?

What is tig welding used for?

Tungsten Inert Gas Welding abbreviated as TIG welding, is a process in which metals or alloys are cut and melted to form a homogenous form or structure with the help of electric arcs mainly.

The Tungsten Inert Gas welding can be used to weld many metals and metal alloys which are commonly used in today’s industry. Apart from these you can also weld metals which are not easy to weld by conventional welding techniques.

Such kind of metals are:

  • Aluminum and alloys of Aluminum.
  • Copper and alloys of copper
  • Nickel and alloys of nickel.
  • Magnesium and alloys of magnesium.
  • Low alloy steel and carbonaceous steel.
  • Metals that react easily like titanium and tantalum.
  • Joining carbon and alloy steels.

TIG welding is mainly used in industries that produce metallic furniture, sheets of a particular metal, automobile body parts and a lot more.

Essential Features of a TIG Welder

Good quality arc

often most of the TIG welders come with flimsy and cheap arcs which get deformed after some usage. When you know you are going to use the welder vigorously, you should always get the best quality arc as a bad quality arc is going to affect your welding process to a great extent.

The weight

weight is one of the most important features of a good TIG welder. The heavier is the weight, the more features it possesses. A good quality welder is often heavy as it contains a lot of parts which help in providing precise welding thus transporting it will be an issue. Whereas, welders which do not possess any such unique facilities will be a lot lighter in weight.

The proper delivery of gas

For the working of a TIG welder, the supply of inert gas is necessary. A good TIG welding machine will have an inbuilt facility of the gas valve which will make it easier for the user to weld metals and also will help to cool down the welding pool on its own. If you are buying the welder for professional and regular use, getting an inbuilt gas valve is a necessity otherwise manually operating the valve continuously with work will be very problematic.

AC and DC feature the welder

A good quality AC frequency is required if you are going to weld thin metals like aluminum. DC is again required for welding metal sheets. AC TIG welders are mainly required for cleaning the oxides by the positive end side, and the negative end penetrates the metal present at the base.

Heat control of the Welder

No matter how expensive your welding device is, heat is going to be produced. If the heating temperature seems too high, it is going to affect your welding process and can even burn the metal. To evade such circumstances, you need to get a welding machine that comes with a heat controller, an arc controller as well as a pulse welding option.

Tough body and parts

This is probably the most common feature you should look for in your welding device. Toughness is required when it comes to choosing a good quality welding device because you are using the welder to do some work that involves wear and tear. A welder is going to experience an immense amount of heat and requires a very sturdy body to give the appropriate results you are looking for.

A flimsy and cheap tig welder is never going to give you the desired results.

Inbuilt cooling system

While welding metals, a welder is going to experience an unimaginable amount of heat if a cooling system does not control this heat then it is going to affect the quality of the metal to a great extent. Your metals might burn and might incorporate impurities in it as well. Thus, to avoid these situations you need a good cooling system inside your welder.

This cooling system will consist of a good quality cooler for your torch and a cooling fan as well for the overall cooling of the machine.

The Difference between MIG and TIG Welding

Even though both of the welders use electric arcs to work, the significant difference between Mig vs Tig Welding is that the MIG welder uses a feeding wire and TIG welder uses electric rods for the welding purpose.

A TIG welder is a commonly used welder and it is equally versatile. You can use it to weld different types of metals and is an appropriate choice for industrial or large-scale use. Otherwise, if you are looking for a welding machine for welding purposes at your home, then a MIG welder is definitely the best choice for you.

The TIG welder is adapted for doing delicate and intricate welding works thus it comparatively works slowly. The MIG welder uses electric feeding wire, so it works a lot faster than TIG welders.

MIG welder is perfect for beginners as the application is comparatively easier. A TIG welder is not a good option for beginners.

MIG welder requires a frequent change of the electric wire used for the welding process. Whereas, a TIG welder has no such requirement. One can easily change the filler element by just getting another rod.

The MIG welder cannot use both AC and DC for welding purposes. It only applies DC with reverse polarity, but TIG welder can use both AC and DC.

Hopefully, you can now get a real picture of the difference between Mig vs Tig welder

Advantages of Having a TIG Welder

High precision

Since the TIG welder uses electric rods thus the user gets full control while welding metals and precise outcomes as well.

Versatile usage

The TIG welder can be used to weld any kind of metals like aluminum, magnesium, copper, nickel, etc.

Less distortion

Due to the presence of a small and compact heat zone very less distortion is created by the TIG welder. Also, the minimal amount of spark and smoke is liberated in the process which keeps the visual field of the user absolutely clear.

Quick processing

As it uses non-consumable electrodes for welding, the time taken will be quick, and you do not have to stop continuously to change your electrode.

Efficient application

The TIG welder is designed to give you a highly practical application and is perfect for industrial uses to melt and fuse two-parent metals.

No presence of flux or slag

No flux is used thus your visual field remains clear and no formation of slag as well. This is because of the utilization of inert gas in the welding process like Argon. This also leads to no formation of a mess while you weld your metals and fuse them.


If you are looking for devices which will help you to weld at home by yourself, then TIG welders are the best choice to boost your hobby of welding metals as most of them are easy to set up and carry around and is also user-friendly.

Intricate creations

TIG welders are capable of creating very intricate designs and works which no other device can do. They can make high precision cuts and weld joints smoothly which could have been done using microplasma welding also.

Less amperage use

Using less amperage might seem like a disadvantage, but when you need clean, precise work, less amperage is what you need to get good control of the device. Thus it is very important during welding thin metals.

Disadvantages to having TIG Welders

  1. This is not a suitable machine to weld very thick metals which is a big drawback even though welding thin materials are really easy.
  2. Creates problematic situations in drafty like environments as there is no shield in the welding zone.
  3. The rate of deposition is very low in comparison with Consumable electrode arc welding.
  4. Tolerance capability is very low for contaminants in base materials.
  5. There might be some safety issues occurring as well.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing TIG Welder

Investing in a welding machine is a huge task, so it is always advisable to understand your requirements and accordingly buy the right model.

Always consider the weight of the machine as a deciding factor. If you are looking for something that is portable for working, then look for models which come with handles and are easily portable.

Don’t get lured by features that you do not need. The more features you invest in your machine, the more money you spend and the heavier it becomes. So, don’t go for features you do not require or probably will never even use for your working purposes.

Check the warranty periods. Since welding involves a lot of wear and tear, go for models and companies who offer an extended period of warranty time.

If you are a beginner, go for machines which are easier to set up and is user-friendly. We recommend find out the best cheap tig welder as you are a beginner.

Common Mistakes to avoid while purchasing Tig Welders

Welders are not some random devices which you can buy if you just feel like. The prices you are paying again is quite high which is one of the biggest reasons why you should know all the Pros and Cons of getting this device and avoiding all the mistakes possible while purchasing it.

Here you will see some of the mistakes you should avoid while buying your TIG welder-

  • Understand your purpose and then buy the machine. If welding is your hobby and probably you will use the device once in a while, they don’t invest a huge amount in buying one.
  • If you are getting welders for your large-scale production or welding purposes, then buy machines that come with high-end facilities and features and invest a good amount of money in it.
  • While buying a welder online, be extra cautious as you have no idea how your machine is going to work. Go through the features and description and the reviews of the model thoroughly.
  • Never stop from comparing your chosen products. By comparing you will get a better idea of all the product available on the market and might end up getting the perfect welder for your purpose.
  • If you are getting a welder for welding thin materials, then go for machines with lesser amperage and the opposite if you have thicker materials to weld.
  • If you want to weld all sorts of metals, then go for welders with the power source of both AC and DC. Welding of aluminum requires AC mainly.
  • If you are a beginner go for machines that come with inbuilt cooling facilities.
  • Overheating of the machine may cause damage to your metal or even create safety issues for the user.
  • To avoid these situations, get a welder with a better cooling system like an inbuilt cooling fan or air cooler.
  • Set a proper budget for your welder. Machines like this require a good bulky budget.
  • Cheap welders are detrimental for your purposes, no matter where you use them, most of the cheap machines come with flimsy parts and poor quality body which are not capable of tolerating the welding load.
  • Thus, it is essential to set a budget and accordingly get your welder.
  • Getting a high-power duty cycle possessing welder is vital. The duty cycle will decide how much you can work with the welder without causing overheating or damage to your metal.
  • Thus, a high-power duty cycle enhances that working feature and time of your welder.
  • “Invest in getting a good quality torch”, a single torch will not enable you to do different kinds of welding with varying sorts of metals. So, invest in detachable torches to make your welder flexible and also enhances the productivity of it.

Final Thoughts

Welding machines are a lifetime investment only if you get your hands on the perfect device possessing the best features that suit your need.

A lot of advanced and better working machines are available in the market, but personally, I feel Everlast Power TIG 200DV can be the perfect tool for all-purpose uses.

Again, it is always advisable to plan thoroughly and then buy a welding machine accordingly.

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