21 Easy Welding Projects To Make Money For Beginners

Welding is not only immense fun when you do it yourself in your home; it also helps you save the money that comes with hiring a professional welder to carry out projects for you.

Even if you are a beginner who needs to improve your place, weld out something exciting, and also to make an extra coin, there are numerous welding jobs you can carry out in your home.

The following are some of the welding projects you can carry out to add value to your home, have some fun, learn some skills, and also sharpen your existing skills.

  1. Car Ramps

Having a car ramp is a good idea if you want to be changing the oil yourself or carrying out any other maintenance activities under your car. You can use angle iron for the framework as it is welded easily and is relatively cheaper than other materials.

Plywood is sturdy and can be used for the surface. The ramp you make will depend on the size of your car.

  1. Fork Marshmallow Roaster

A fork marshmallow roaster is probably one of the easiest to make for your marshmallow roasting. You can use a clothing hanger made of wire though this may be very weak. Stainless steel wire would be much stronger hence more preferable.

  1. The American Flag And Other Flag Arts

You can create welding of the American flag by using blue colored steel, steel that is rusted, and aluminum. The yellow sparks on the flag can be put in by incorporating a steel grinder, and steel wool and titanium for the white sparks.

  1. Tables, Benches, and Stools

If you need some extra furniture in your home or even to make an extra coin, you can come up with simple stools, tables, and benches. They are quite a complex task for beginners, but with some experience, you can make one of your choices.

Use of steel is preferred as it is cheap. Cast iron can also do. For example, a scrap truck bed can be used to make a bench, and truck coils for bar stools.

  1. Grinder Stand

You can make a home for your bench grinders by coming up with a stand for them. Use an old car rim with a tire and a considerably heavy post considering the weight you will have to place on it.

With the wheel on the ground, set the post in its center and cut off the post at the length you desire. Drill holes in the grinder and use these to bolt up the grinder ensuring that it is stable.

  1. Interior Decorations

There are so many ideas for interior decorations that one can use. These include coat racks, light fixtures, frames, and fireplace guards.

  1. Barbeque Grill

Making your own barbeque grill will save you lots. Have a plan of what you want your BBQ to look like first. This will ease the whole process and avoid costly cuts. Cut your grill rack’s tubing to the measurements you desire and weld it solidly with a cross weld.

Bend and shape a metal sheeting to make the bottom of the metal grill. Ensure you attach it to the base so it can hold your charcoal and stray ash. Add some square mesh on both ends and finally attach the legs.

Include a mesh tray in the center for holding the charcoal and lastly place the grill rack on top, and your BBQ can work.

  1. Small And Large Metal Brackets

These are perfect for new beginners, and they are trendy because of the many uses you can put them into. Those made using a durable material such as steel are more useful in terms of longevity.

They can be hung on a wall and used for example to store stocks of metal to avoid rusting. Additionally, you can use them as picture frames and for storage of small items.

  1. Model Vehicles

These may be small, but the level of detail required to come up with a masterpiece is high. You can make anything from planes, trucks, hand-made jeeps and small vehicles.

  1. Hammer

Making a hammer can be quite easy as all you need is to mount a handle to a head. You can use this for all the future DIY projects you need to carry out around the house.

  1. Falling Targets

These are quite expensive to buy yet lovers of shooting games are on the rise. You can make one using steel, and they are better than paper targets which are limited by weather.

  1. Horseshoe Projects

The list of horseshoe welding projects is quite long, ranging from the creation of wine racks, hat racks, boot racks, door knockers, card holders, candle holders, to creative horse show cowboy by the fire.

You can use horseshoe items already available to you and convert them into new objects to save a coin. For example, two horseshoes can be welded together to form a horseshoe wine rack.

  1. Steel Washer Bowls

With washers made of steel, you can weld your way into a beautiful steel washer bowl for use in your kitchen or dining table.

  1. Desk Organizer

Weldings for your desk include things such as pencil holders which you can use to arrange commonly used staff around the office including rubbers, glues, rulers and the like. You will need three to four hollow steel tubers and a flat metal base.

  1. Firepit

Have fun making a simple fire pit. You can make one shaped like a bowl or make use of a propane tank. With the latter, you should weld a convenient tank on the side, ensuring the tank is free of any propane lest it explodes on your face.

You can also make use of wheel rims by welding two of them together, one on top of the other till they are attached. Afterward, create a hole in the side of your fire pit by use of a plasma cutter. You can further it into a barbeque by placing a grate on top of it.

  1. Metal Garden Art/Yard Art

Metal garden arts beautify your garden or any other space for that matter. You can make a metal art crafted into any animal of your choice.

All you need to do is gather all those little pieces and bits of metal scrap you can find around and weld them into your chosen animal or any object such as a wind vane.

  1. Gates and Fences

The thing about fences and gates is making perfect measurements. The choice of material is also instrumental in the quality of gate or fence you make. Wrought iron is the best choice for this project. Gates can come with complex decorations and can also be paintable.

  1. Kitchen Turkey

You can use old utensils to make a kitchen turkey. Use aluminum for a firmer base and then weld in the colander pieces.

  1. Custom Brush Guard

You can protect your car’s or motor cycle’s headlight, battery, engine, grille, and other parts while still allowing them to function correctly by having a custom-made brush guard.

The most robust and most reliable material to use would be steel as it is stronger, less pricey, and easy to use. Bolt the brush guards to the bumper mounts or the frame.

  1. Homemade Smoker

There are so many ways you can use to make a smoker without using tons of money. You can use a flower pot made of clay and fix a grate on it for holding your meat.

You can also use an old file cabinet, a barrel smoker where the wood fire is separate from the grill. Use a barrel that did not contain chemicals.

  1. Firewood Rack

When you need to roast your stakes under an open fire flame, a self-feeding firewood rack will serve you well. First, make a welded metal fire pit and attach a self-feeding rack to both sides which is rectangular, by using a square metal tubing.

The spacing of the rack should correspond to the width of the fire pit and the width of your logs. Load your logs on each side so that they can fall in and continue to burn when the fire is fizzling out.

Final Verdict

As you can see, the list of welding projects you can undertake at the comfort of your home is long, and with a little creativity and imagination, it is easy to come up with some more of your own.

The beauty of some of these projects especially the small ones are that you can use recycled materials, saving you the cost of purchasing expensive materials. Horseshoe welding is especially popular.

If you have those scraps from an old car or truck, you have yourself a goldmine for creating something unique for your home. If you like, you could also make an extra coin out of selling some of your home-made projects so go on and have some fun with your favorite welding project.

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