8 Best Welding Cart Reviews

Best Welding Cart

Why look for the best welding cart when you can choose randomly? Let us tell you why! Moving around machines and appliances used for plasma cutting and welding during work can be somewhat unwieldy. While there are some tremendous portable plasma cutters available, it’s still much less strain on the back to move them around … Read more

Millermatic 135 Review

millermatic 135 thickness

Every DIYer, especially in spaces that involve metalwork, is familiar with MIG welding and the way it has made it possible for a lot of welding jobs to be easily done at home. And simple but effective welding machines like the Millermatic 135 have truly brought welding to the masses – as was the vision … Read more

Millermatic 211 vs Lincoln 210 vs Hobart 210 Reviews & Comparison

Millermatic 211, Lincoln PowerMIG 210, and Hobart Handler 210 are three very powerful multi-voltage plug MIG welders with additional Flux-cored welding capability. Even if all of it comes in the same category, there are certain attributes of each welder that differentiate them from each other. Knowing the differences not only makes your welder selection task … Read more

Best Welding Rod for Thin Metal

dc welding rods

Fixing metal structures in your car or around your house, as well as creating brand new ones, can be a piece of cake if you know to weld. Through welding, you can create solid metal structures that can be strong enough to survive for decades or even centuries! To make the best possible welds for … Read more