Best Welding Jacket & Shirts- Leather & Cotton Fabrics Available

One might feel very insecure while welding different materials. Through a whole welding procedure you may undergo nasty sparks, blazing flames, hot metal spatters. Most of the welding applications lack the facility of covering up your whole body.

A proper welding jacket might give you goosebumps. A good outfit will provide a high level of protection keeping you safe from debris or sparks coming from torch work.

So, you have already realized the importance of choosing the best welding jacket for work purpose. You must pick the right outfit depending on the severity of the welding.

Nowadays you will find a wide range of welding jackets out there. As such you should be very choosy while buying a perfect welding jacket. Here I am to lift you up from this dilemma of making your first shopping of welding jacket. I assure you, after reading the full article you will get a clear idea.

Top 6 Welding Jacket Reviews

1. Miller Electric 2241909 Welding Jacket

As our first pick, this jacket by Miller Electric is very lightweight as it is made from two different lightweight materials; Cotton (87%) and Nylon (12%). It is an extra-large jacket that has a chest size of 50 inches and a length of 30 inches.

The jacket comprises durable materials and does not wear easily. It is resistant to fire; to protect you from burns, scrap from molten metal, splashes and other hot fragments of material from burning you.

It comes with a high neck collar and long sleeves which allows for overall coverage of your upper body; giving you the full protection needed for your safety in the workshop.

The Velcro strap at the collar allows for adjustments according to your preference and has a snap button closure with a fold-in-strap cuff which allows for a perfect fit.

Miller’s jacket has its pockets on the insides; where you can keep some small tools. It is available at an affordable price point and very feels comfortable. The jacket is one of the best lightweight welding jackets on the market, and no doubt, it is a high-quality piece.

Highlighted Features

  • Burn resistant and comfortable to wear.
  • Made of two light materials – Cotton and Nylon.
  • Quite affordable yet durable.
  • High neck collar to protect the neck.
  • Long sleeves for protecting your arms.
  • Ensures full upper body protection.
  • Snap button closure type.
  • Cuff style is a fold-in-strap style.
  • Available in X-large size.
  • Comes with a Velcro strap on the neck for adjustments.

2. Revco Bsx Welding Jacket

At number one, this is a high-grade welding jacket by Revco; comes with great qualities and yet still so affordable. The jackets are made of extended sleeves which protect your arms. No matter your size or height, the sleeves will be a perfect fit for you.

Just ensure to pick your right size. These jackets are made to give perfect fitting: not too tight to restrict movements and not too lose to allow for accidents. Made from cotton, the jacket is light in weight; roughly weighing around 1.8 pounds.

It is comfortable and easy to wear, and it has high collar protection safeguards against losing particles getting into the body from the neck.

The cotton material makes this jacket perfect for any condition; winter or summer. It lasts long; so long that you will just get another welding jacket because you need something new.

It comes in various sizes to choose from and has adjustable straps to ensure proper fitting. You will find it is very easy to move and work in. It is quite comfortable and provides overall protection to your upper body while welding.

One of the best perks of it is its resistance to fire. This is one of the major qualities every welding jacket should have.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Resistant to fire.
  • Made from a lightweight material: cotton.
  • Very comfortable to use.
  • Comes with adjustable straps to ensure the jacket is properly fitted on you.
  • Effective mobility.
  • Perfect for any condition, but better adapted for summer.
  • Has a high durability.

3. West Chester IRONCAT 7005

This tan colored leather welding jacket comes in various sizes ranging from; small – large – X large – XX-large. Make sure to pick the size that best fits you to ensure perfect fitting and ease while welding. You can budget around 50-70 bucks for this product as the price varies with the sizes.

It is sewn with kaldar thread for strength and durability. This jacket is heat resistant, comes in long sleeves and has high collars to protect you against burns, sparks, and splatter.

West Chester welding jacket has outside pockets located at the hips and soapstone pockets on each sleeve; this can be used as storage for some of your tools.

The jacket also comes with black anodized riverts and snaps which do not corrode and prevent flashback. This heavy-duty jacket offers you the most protection and is also very comfortable. Made from high-quality materials; it is bound to last long.

With all of such qualities at such a reasonable price; this is one of the best welding jackets you can come by. Whatever climate you may be in; this jacket is conditioned and suitable to be used in any condition.

As solid as this jacket is, it does not allow for stiffness. You are sure to be able to move freely without being restricted by anything. Again, make sure to get your perfect fit; this will ensure that it does not restrict your movement and yet not too loose to be a safety hazard in the workshop.

Highlighted Features:

  • Heat resistant
  • Highly durable
  • Suitable for any condition
  • Allows for perfect fitting
  • Made with leather
  • High-quality materials used
  • Very comfortable
  • Affordable price

4. QEES Genuine Leather Welding Jacket 103CM

This jacket comes with high collar and long sleeves to give you full protection from burns, splatter, and sparks. This is the best leather welding jacket gives you protection from your neck up to your knees and still weighs only 3.9 pounds.

It comes with adjustable straps for proper fitting and Velcro fit for any body type. It is highly durable and is made from leather. Available in various sizes for anyone and is just within the price range of forty to fifty bucks; making it considerably affordable.

This is the best lightweight welding jacket offering full protection for your neck, hands, and upper body up on to your knees.

Luckily, the leather jacket comes heat resistant and anti-scald. It is also wearing resistant to prevent damaging of the material which makes it durable.

The jacket also comes with belts and a large pocket which allows for storage of some of your light welding tools. It allows for ease of movement to any and every direction; no restrictions or stiffness.

It is suitable for working in extreme conditions and is very comfortable to work in. The long sleeves and high collars ensure excellent protection and the different sizes make its mobility easy for anyone regardless of size or height.

With that price and such great qualities, this jacket is another great option for you; especially if you are looking for a quality, affordability and protective knee length welding jacket. You may not find a better offer elsewhere. This jacket can guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Highlighted Features:

  • Flame resistant.
  • Withstands wear and spills.
  • Anti-scald.
  • Velcro fit enables it to be suitable for any body type.
  • Highly durable due to the quality of leather used.
  • Allows for effective mobility.
  • Quality materials used.
  • Comfortable to use while working as it comes with adjustable straps.
  • Gives full protection to your upper body.


Our last pick, this denim welding shirt is not meant for heavy welding duties at all but rather it is to be used for light welding activities. It is quite affordable; price is below fifty dollars; you don’t have to empty your pocket to get this shirt.

It is flame resistant and protects you from burns and splatters. The piece has long sleeves for protecting your arms. It is quite easy to wash and is light on the body weighing just 1.8 pounds.

Like, its other counterparts, it offers different sizes available; there is a 90% probability you will fall into the size range. Picking your right size will give it a perfect fit for you. Its mobility is awesome; it does not restrict your movements at all yet still offering full protection.

Nonetheless, this should not be used in replacement for jackets. Because jackets offer more protection than shirts. This welding shirt is designed to protect you from smaller scale sparks, splatters and not for use when you are doing heavy welding jobs.

You must get a welding jacket when you want to advance to heavy welding activities.

Honestly speaking, this welding shirt can be used for casual welding jobs probably at your home or workshop. For those of us that want to work and still look cool; this denim welding jacket is the perfect fit. It is denim, and there is no need for too much talk on that feature.

Highlighted Features:

  • Flame resistant.
  • Made to be used as a secondary protection.
  • Designed to be used for light welding activities.
  • Nice quality shirt.
  • Affordable and looks classy.
  • Good fit and easy to wash.
  • Very durable as it is made with long lasting materials.
  • Made with cotton which makes it light when you wear it.

6. BSX BX9C Black W/ Red Flames Cotton Welding Jacket

This welding jacket is resistant to fire; comes with adjustable waist straps and cuffs to ensure proper fitting. It will aid in ease of movement of your upper body while also safely protecting your body from burns.

The jacket has a stand-up collar and is made with cotton fabric. This fabric makes it very suitable to be used in the summer. With this jacket, you are sure to be protected against sparks, splatter, and debris.

So you do not have to worry about sweating profusely with a leather jacket while the hot sun is out; this jacket provides adequate safety and stands as the best welding jacket for summer.

BSX made the jacket putting safety considerations, comfort, and affordability in mind. It is a black jacket designed with red trims, and flames logos on the sleeves to leave you looking classy while working. So, even in your workshop, you will look good.

This jacket comes in various sizes as seen in the chart provided. The chart gives specifications and directions on how to take measurements to ensure that you get your perfect size of the jacket.

All these qualities coming at a price of under fifty dollars. Won’t you consider this as a value purchase option? I will definitely say it is the best. This jacket is a highly recommended welding jacket for you to have.

Highlighted Features:

  • Resistant to flame.
  • Made of cotton.
  • Provides protection against sparks and other particles.
  • It is comfortable.
  • High-grade quality whilst being very comfortable.
  • Adjustable cuff and waist straps which allow for perfect fitting.
  • Relatively affordable.

Now, let’s get into it! I am here to make that happen!

Factors to Ponder Over

The Type of Welding:

what type of welding are you intended to do? MIG (Metal Inert Gas), TIG (TUNGSTEN INERT GAS) or arc welding? According to your job nature, you should collect the right welding jacket. It also depends on the welder’s position.

Perfect garments are essential for safety measure. It’s highly recommended that one should wear a single jacket having long sleeves that have a collar which is folded up for the neck guard.

Most of the welding jackets are made for moderate and light applications. But, if you go for a heavy duty where the temperature often rises up to 1000 degrees, you must choose the best one.


Materials or fabric used in welding plays a vital role while selecting the best jacket. To get more fire resistant cloth, a better quality material should be used. Besides, you might need warmer cloth in a winter season. That’s why a jacket is made of several materials that ensure these two qualities.

Leather, wool, cotton, and denim are some of the materials that are used for the welding jacket. During the summer season, you can easily adapt to cotton made the jacket as it is light in weight and make you feel the least warm.

The main problem with the cotton jacket is it is less resistant to fire. It can be easily snuffed out leaving burn marks on the jacket. Although, this problem can be solved by adding a smart layer. Also, make sure that stitching at seams is good. Thicker stitching makes the quality better.

Meanwhile, leather jackets are the heaviest duty. It will offer you the most protection. You will feel less warm compared to wool though. It’s fire resistant as leather usually burns at a high temperature. Adding to this, wrist straps and adjustable cuff will make it more user-friendly.


A good product always claims more money. If you want to be more protected during the work, you should not compromise your safety in exchange for mere money. To bring the heavy duty jacket, you must keep some extra hard cash in your wallet. Materials used, construction etc. determine the price tag.


When you buy a welding jacket for the utmost protection, always rely on famous brands. They will ensure you a better quality product. Although, that does not always mean that amateur manufactures cannot satisfy you with their product. In that case, you need to be very choosy while picking the right combination of a jacket.

Some brands may offer you a very thick jacket that is very suitable for working during the cold weather. But, probably it is made of cotton that is not fire resistant. Moreover, you cannot wear it for a long time in the summer season.

Some other manufacturers will offer you a jacket that is made of the leather. It is heavy duty and fire resistant. The main problems with this type of jacket are this will constraint your movements. In some cases, leather is dyed. Hence, it may come off due to heat that will leave burn marks on your outfit.

There are some brands which will give you a fire resistant cotton jacket. But, you will not get everything good just in a single jacket. Every brand has some brighter and darker side. So, at first, make sure your priority list before shopping and obviously, the priority for using this product is welding safety purpose.

Proper Fitting of The Outfit:

To make welding at a different position like overhead welding or vertical welding, you will need to move freely. As such you must select the perfect size for you to wear it. From a wide variety of small to double extra-large size, you ought to choose your perfect size.

A decent size welding jacket will keep you protected from any kind of accident. Your upper body should be comfortable while welding. The jacket which is too thick or too thin may hinder your workability.

Another key factor is the fitting of the jacket with your body. This item includes collars, buttons, cuffs etc.

During the welding, it may possibly occur that hot spark goes down your shirt. Here comes the high collar which gives you great relief by protecting your upper body from being burnt.

Close fitting buttons will give you an ease during the time of welding. Cuffs should be held together tightly even though these can be lessened to some extent by using the correct gloves.

Final Thoughts

Welding is a dangerous profession in nature. There’s always a great amount of risk when it comes to hot spark from the welding machine. So? Considering all the risks, do people stop welding? No. As a profession, welding is a great opportunity. We have an article about this How to become a professional welder.

By raising a little awareness you can reduce the risk. Before starting the welding, take preventive measures by selecting the right type of welding jacket. When you are wrapped up in a fort like a jacket you feel safe.

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