All about MIG Welding To Achieve Your Aim

Today, every nation talks about development in every aspect of human life. We talk about infrastructural development, industrial development just to mention a few. For development to actualize, welding plays a very big role, because almost everything we use in our homes, offices, construction sites, hospitals are in one way or another being welded. Welding … Read more

types of welding rods

Types of Welding Rods & Electrodes Explained

Welding rods are those pieces of wire connected to the welding machine. It is where a current is fed to enable joining of two pieces of metal by adding filler metal. There are many different types of welding rods in the market today, and there is a need to identify their pros, cons, as well … Read more

Different Types of Welding

Different Types of Welding Processes Explained

The field of welding has evolved; presenting so many different techniques that one can use to carry out their welding projects. To be able to choose the process of welding to work with, it is essential to understand all the processes and when it is best to use them. The different types of welding processes … Read more

Welding Rod Sizes

Different Welding Rod Sizes You Need to Know

There is much more to know about electrodes apart from the material used to make them or whether they are consumable or non-consumable. Before I write about the different types of rods, you need to know the general meaning of these numbers so that you can have a smooth sail in understanding them. Check Our … Read more

What is the difference between mig and arc welding

Differences Between MIG And Arc Welding?

MIG and arc welding tend to cause much confusion among many aspiring welders because of their similarities, as they who wonder what exactly their differences are and which is preferable over the other. Below, we will try to answer the questions regarding MIG and arc welding by describing what each is when it is best … Read more

beginner TIG welding mistakes

10 Common Mistakes Beginner TIG Welders Make

Nowadays technology plays one of the most important parts of our life. As every day goes by, we are introduced to more new technologies. Some of them are easy using while some are difficult. And when it comes to using these technologies, we make mistakes using them. Today, we are going to talk about a … Read more

Are Auto Darkening Welding Helmets Safe?

Being a construction worker I have my whole family linked with construction work through generations. I have seen my grandfather going to work in the earliest morning with a smile on his face. Since childhood, this smile and the energy of my grandfather and my father encouraged me to join in this line of work. … Read more


Different Uses of Plasma Cutter

The widespread domination of innovation over the past years led the advancement of our era about handy work and separation methods. Some of the smaller-sized, more convenient machines flood the field of marketing and technology to introduce a more portable device. One of the developed pieces of machinery is a plasma cutter, which is known … Read more


How to Join Metals Without Welding?

Hi, I am a mechanic working at a workshop for a transport service company. I mend and repair cars which are wrecked from an accident in my area. I have been welding throughout my life. Precision welding is an art, no doubt about it. Good welding doesn’t always need a good welder; it also requires … Read more