How To Weld Cast Steel

how to weld cast iron

Many people confuse cast steel and cast iron. The two metals look almost alike. Most of the castings are made from steel instead of iron because steel has better flexibility and high shock resistance, which cast iron does not pose. You can differentiate cast steel from cast iron by the look of the surface color. … Read more

AC Vs DC Welding

ac vs dc welding

If you have any interest in welding or a welder, you have heard about the AC and DC terms. AC and DC are current types utilized during the welding procedure. Welding requires a constant current flow with varying polarity based on the welded material. To ensure you have an excellent weld, it is essential you … Read more

Exhaust Clamps Vs Welding

exhaust clamps vs welding

The exhaust system is an essential part of your car because it determines the engine’s service life and performance. It also helps to reduce the automobile body’s noise and vibration. The exhaust system is designed with a lot of care and contains components that prevent leakage. Therefore, fixing the exhaust system is not a walk … Read more

How To Weld Exhaust Pipe

welding exhaust pipe on car

From time to time, your vehicle’s exhaust pipes may require service or repair because the mufflers are constantly used; hence they can wear and tear anytime. However, if you have some welding know-how, you can repair your car’s exhaust pipe without calling a professional or taking it to the garage. It will help you save … Read more

How to become a Professional Welder?

How to become a Welder

Nowadays many people want to become welders, but although it may sound like an interesting and exciting career, you may need to go through a strict certification process before you can work on a professional ambient. If you are a natural welder, you could quickly get through it. Before you start the certification process, you … Read more

10 Common Welding Mistakes You Should Avoid

10 common welding mistakes

Welding is an activity that demands precision, patience, a stable sense of breathing, and sometimes it requires a very strong concentration if you want to avoid welding mistakes. However, what experts don’t say is that welding is more about the experience than anything else. That’s why some people after having all the skills and knowledge, … Read more