Everything You Need to Know About TIG Welding

TIG Welding 101 : Everything You Need To Know About TIG Welding

With today’s advancement in machinery, various type of welding processes was also developed to introduce certain variations depending on preference and usage. One of these methods is TIG welding, which presents a variety of weld that requires skill, patience, and perseverance to ensure an excellent output. Though, even with the hefty dedication in your line … Read more


15 Must Have Welding Tools for Beginners

One of my close friends is a welder. He always tries to give us a lesson on welding, but we do not happen to listen to him much. Some days ago, my friend and I got into an argument where I was claiming that welding is a straightforward job and it does not require a … Read more

Tig Welding Feeder

How to Use Tig Welding Feeder

There are many different tools needed when we work with metals. All these tools help us shape these metals in a way that would be the best for us or the final user of the product we are making. The number of tools used is many, but the one I will be talking about is … Read more

welding safety tips

10 Welding Safety Tips you Should Keep in mind

Welding is a process for joining separate pieces of metal in a continuous metallic bond. There are different methods of welding such as arc welding, cold-pressure welding, gas welding, MIG welding, Tig Welding etc. However, the job is not difficult but sensitive all the way. A study found that 92 percent representative of people in … Read more

How Does a Plasma Cutter Work

Tips on How Does a Plasma Cutter Work?

Nowadays some kind of metal is used in almost everything we use in our daily life. From the circuits on our smartphone to the metal beams that support homes and buildings metal has become an essential material for us. As you may know, durability and conductivity are critical elements of metal, which makes it perfect … Read more

How to become a Welder

How to become a Professional Welder?

Nowadays many people want to become welders, but although it may sound like an interesting and exciting career, you may need to go through a strict certification process before you can work on a professional ambient. If you are a natural welder, you could quickly get through it. Before you start the certification process, you … Read more

10 common welding mistakes

10 Common Welding Mistakes You Should Avoid

Welding is an activity that demands precision, patience, a stable sense of breathing, and sometimes it requires a very strong concentration if you want to avoid welding mistakes. However, what experts don’t say is that welding is more about the experience than anything else. That’s why some people after having all the skills and knowledge, … Read more

Plasma Cutter Problems

6 Ways You Can Avoid Plasma Cutter Problems

Plasma cutting is a lot similar to carpenter’s work. There is an old saying “measure twice cut once.” Well, in the plasma industry it should be “inspect twice, cut once. A good plasma arc cutting operator with well-maintained plasma cutter equipment can save up to thousands of dollars. Careful preparation, good setup and proper maintenance … Read more

Welding Machine Maintenance Tips

Welding Machine Troubleshooting Tips

Welding machines are essential for different types of work, including construction, engineering, mechanics, woodwork and a wide array of other applications. However, they are also more complicated and sometimes more fragile than different types of tools, which generally leads to several problems that could cause them not to function correctly, waste your time, money and … Read more