Millermatic 135 Review

millermatic 135 thickness

Every DIYer, especially in spaces that involve metalwork, is familiar with MIG welding and the way it has made it possible for a lot of welding jobs to be easily done at home. And simple but effective welding machines like the Millermatic 135 have truly brought welding to the masses – as was the vision … Read more

Miller Dynasty 200 Review: The Pros Of Having It

Miller Dynasty 200 Review In case you’re searching for quality as well as maximum flexibility, then the Dynasty 200 is perfect for you. This particular welder by Miller electronic has combined sophisticated inverter engineering with Auto-Line technology.  This means that functionally, it’s probably the most flexible AC/DC TIG/Stick power source across most welding options that … Read more

Miller Maxstar 150 S TIG Welder Product Review

[imgbox asin=”B003JZWVFU” imgurl=”” imgalt=”Maxstar-150″] Power and Applications The Maxstar 150 S has a corded electric power source. It can be connected to 115 of 230-volt power receptacles. No tools are needed in order to connect the Maxstar 150S. Just choose the plug that fits into the power receptacle and connect it to the power cord with the … Read more

Miller Diversion 180 Review

Power and Applications ​Miller Diversion 180 is a powerful upgrade. This unit is an AC/DC TIG welder with high-quality features. It’s perfect for those who mostly deal with Auto body fabrication and welding. This tool is one among the most expensive welders. It’s a full package of performance, quality and durability. This TIG welder can … Read more

Miller Millermatic 140 review

[imgbox asin=”B001VXWHKG” imgurl=”” imgalt=”Millier-Millermatic-140-review”] For quite a long time, I never used to love the miller products. For one reason or the other, my friends who have been running welding garages for as long as I have been in the industry have been asking me to give any of the miller products a try but … Read more

Miller Maxstar 150 STL review

Power and Applications In the world of welding, quality machines are a necessity. That is why, it is imperative to purchase high-quality tools to achieve top quality results. One of these quality machines produced by Maxstar Company with a variety of fantastic features, covered in attractive packages and providing customers with unimaginable satisfaction is what … Read more

Miller Millermatic 211 review

Power and Applications ​Millermatic 211 is a powerful multi-voltage plug MIG welder. With output power ranging from 30A to 230A, it provides outstanding performance. This tool offers 40% duty cycle at 150A and can weld materials including steel, stainless steel and aluminum.This MIG welder is capable of welding aluminum or mild steel that are as … Read more