Millermatic 211 vs Lincoln 210 vs Hobart 210 Reviews & Comparison

Millermatic 211, Lincoln PowerMIG 210, and Hobart Handler 210 are three very powerful multi-voltage plug MIG welders with additional Flux-cored welding capability. Even if all of it comes in the same category, there are certain attributes of each welder that differentiate them from each other. Knowing the differences not only makes your welder selection task … Read more

The Best and Most Effective 200A Tig Welder Around $1000

TIG welding basically is used for welding thinner materials that require strict heat control and in cosmetic applications.  The welds provided by a TIG weld are comparatively clean and causes minimal smoke generation.  Because of this reason, it is finding use in a wide variety of applications like sculpture designing, experimental aircraft and in automotives. … Read more