10 Best Welding Gloves on the Market in 2020

If you work in a manufacturing company and your work has regular contact with various manufacturing machines, safety equipment is necessarily required. When it comes to welding, safety equipment such as gloves, helmet, and clothing are needed.

Best welding gloves are one of the essential safety gears that protect your hands from fire and sudden glitter. Remember to buy a good pair of welding gloves when looking for safety equipment.

There are different types available, and the majority of them protect your hands and forearms from the hot sparks and high heat generated during the welding process. Since they are a vital helper and protect your hands from harm, you should select them with great attention.

It is that account that we have prepared this article to let you know some of the best welding gloves and how to pick the best among many available brands.

Top 3 Best Bidget Gloves for Welding Safety

Best Welding Gloves on the Market

Think about your welding job. You ought to know some of the dangers that welding has. Now, what are some best welding gloves for mig that can help you eliminate such risks?

Well, there is a glove for everything, including bomb spreading, so don’t have an excuse that you are not getting one that fits you. From below reviews, you will find one that suits your requirements.

Without waste of resources right away, let us jump into it.

1. Caiman kontour Gloves for Welding

CAIMAN 1878-5 Glove

We start our list by gloves from Caiman Kontour. One thing I let you know is that if you have been on the lookout for the best welding gloves for stick and the one that will come and assume the natural shape of hand as well providing natural finger alignment, then rest your case.

Why?  Here comes at number one, a glove that is meant for that.

It is an innovative form that blends into a three-dimensional plan to add comfort and fit. This feature was first put in action by Kontour.

They provide proper finger alignments by conforming to the natural flow of the hand. By doing so, it results in exceptional comfort and smoothness.

This type of gloves is different from other types. They just form to the natural shape of the arm and element which most gloves miss.

The usual crease line is the place where most of the welding gloves just cut across the palm; Kontour is different as it goes with the natural crease line of your palm.

Below find some remarkable features that distinguish this glove from others.

  • Large Leather Heat Shield

It has large leather heat shield patch that protects the vital wrist area.

  • Genuine American Deerskin Material

They are made from genuine American Deerskin that guarantees comfortablity, heat resistance, and dexterity.

  • Padded Elbows

It is 21″ long with uncompromising cushioning on elbows and forearms for comfort.

  • Kevlar Thread

It is sewn with Kevlar thread that will stay together even in extreme and harsh conditions thus providing the comfort and protection you need.

  • Made to be comfortable
  • Protects against sparks and heat radiation
  • Does not slide off
  • Fireproof
  • Puncture resistant
  • Only suitable for heavy duty tasks
  • Costlier than other counterparts


I have a wood stove. Will these protect my hands from burns?

Yes, they will result in no heat problems when you are working your wood stove.

Are these gloves ordered as a pair or single?

They are only ordered in a pair. So you can’t order them in singles.

Are they suitable for working a forge?

Of course, why not! With its Kevlar thread and is made from genuine American deerskin, they will just serve the purpose.

2. Steiner 21923-L Welding Gloves

Steiner 21923-L Welding Gloves

At number two, it is among the known gloves that come with features you can only locate in most expensive gloves. Indeed, its quality and construction can be equated to what a high price glove can have.

Made from Cowhide leather, it gives a decent mix of strength, dexterity, scratch resistance and comfort.

It is manufactured by Steiner; the mainstream supplier and the maker of welding gears, gloves, protecting gears and a company recognized for its quality, perfect artistry and unsurpassed service.

What does this imply?

This is a guarantee that what you will buy will be something that has been carefully composed to ensure the highest level of safety and increased efficiency in the work environment.

To be honest, below are some of the key features that make these gloves emerge.

  • Padded Thimble

It has an additionally padded thimble that is reinforced for adaptive protection thus suitable for work that causes much wear and tear.

  • Extra Stripe

Furthermore, it has an extra stripe to extend the life of stitching. Indeed, they are very protective gloves that come with cotton lining for comfort and dexterity.

  • Split Shoulder Leather Material

Made from unique split-shoulder leather for heat protection and solidity.

  • Extra Large

This glove measures 23 inches in length.

  • Works well on heavy duty tasks
  • Consistent, unshakable quality and design
  • Made to resist the effect of heat radiation
  • Soft and adaptable fit
  • Materials don’t cause bulkiness
  • Low stitching quality makes these gloves not to last long
  • Too thick and this will affect the natural feel of hand


From which country are these made?

From the inside label, it indicates that they are made in China.

Are they priced as single or a set?

You can only purchase these gloves as a set. So they are priced as a pair.

Are they suitable for blacksmithing?

With what that is involved in blacksmithing these gloves are very suitable.


KIM YUAN Extreme Heat & Fire Resistant Gloves

Kim Yuan has involved in the manufacture of leather gloves for over 20 years. So be sure that these gloves can be competitive to any best welding gloves on the market.

Use these gloves and be comfortable during work as they arrive designed from the special type of leather.

No doubt, you will be protected against high temperatures, cuts, burn, sparks and stains.

Overall, consider the below key features for these pair of gloves.

  • Kevlar Lining

The gloves have a Kevlar lining, which means that it is more impermeable at high temperatures than other heat-resistant gloves and is difficult to break, which is particularly suitable for high-temperature work.

  • 22mm Thick Leather

Made from the special type of leather of about 1.2 mm thick that is good for high-temperature protection. The thickness is ideal to give the needed comfort and protection without adding bulk to the gloves.

  • Medium Size

They are 14 inches in length, and these gloves will fit most medium sized hands.

  • Soft and adaptable
  • Resistant to heat and fire
  • Great high-temperature protection
  • Naturally breathable gloves
  • Lightweight gloves for welding
  • The size might not fit some hands
  • Accumulates heat on prolonged exposure


Are they applicable for blacksmiths?

With what concerns the blacksmith errand, these gloves give protection required during the process.

Are these gloves irresistible against puppy bites?

These gloves are designed to protect you from unbearable temperatures. With dog bites, they can’t assure against the crash.

How can I wash them?

For these cowhide gloves, you could wipe it off with a damp cloth. Hang up to dry. Do not try to wash or dry using a machine.

4. Upgrade Welding BBQ gloves from OZERO

OZERO 932°F Leather Heat Resistant Welding Gloves

Take your high-temperature protection to an unprecedented level during your welding errands to a tune of 932F. Upgrade Welding gloves are a must to consider for welding, as well as for barbecuing, for handling plants and protection against steam burns.

The cut-resistant cowhide makes for an incredibly strong glove, which is connected with a 7.5″ sleeve, to ensure no harm from sparks.

They accompany 90-day money back guarantee. So, if you are not happy, you can return them. To further let you understand why you should buy these gloves, below are some of its key features.

  • Extra-Long Shell

The 16-inch glove with extra-long 7.5-inch shell protects your hands and forearms from hot coals, open flares, granular waste, welding flashes, hot kitchen product, hot cooking steam, and sharp objects.

  • Thick Calf Leather Material

They are made of thick calf leather, and the inside is made of thick cotton lining, with an aluminum air separation that prevents hot air from causing heat problems.

  • 100% Guarantee

These gloves accompany 90day satisfaction guarantee, and this implies that if you find not serving the purpose, you can return them within this 90 days from purchase.

  • Full safety for hand and forearm
  • Flexible and robust
  • Heat protection gloves
  • 90 days guarantee
  • Made with environmental standards
  • Poorly sewn and wider sleeve
  • Can result in discomfort due to the thickness


What is the stitching material for these gloves?

Made from 100% thick leather and cotton insulation for heat resistance.

Will these gloves fit those with extra-large hands?

Whether you have large or small hands, they will be ok.

Is there a choice for a smaller hand size?

These gloves come in one size that fits most people.

5. HEAT RESISTANT Cow Split Leather BBQ/Camping/Cooking Gloves

OLSON DEEPAK Welding Gloves HEAT RESISTANT Cow Split Leather Gloves

Have you been searching for the best gloves for stick welding that are less sensitive to high temperatures and hard to break? The one that is exceptionally suitable for high-temperature work? If so, you are staring at the right product.

The OLSON DEEPAK gloves come with a Reinforced palm for filling hands when working with heavy weight or sharp objects. They provide excellent performance for high-performance welding, for gripping hot objects, such as stove and cookware.

These gloves are made from the special type of leather that is not only thick but also soft and adaptable, with exceptional heat/fire resistance and cut resistance.

Use these gloves if you want to see your work performance improve accordingly. You get beautiful and restrictive cotton lining for the excellent performance of heat accumulation, fire retardation, and sweat assimilation. They are exceptionally adaptable, practical, and easy to hold while using them.

  • Reinforced Palm

Reinforced palm makes these gloves to have excellent applicability. It can be ideal for welding and soldering as well as for carpentry or any mechanical work that has dangers like burning and skin cuts.

  • High-Grade Cowhide Split Leather Material

Made from High-grade cowhide split leather that makes them durable. It also combines cotton lining and high-quality stitching for extreme heat and fire protection.

  • Cotton Lining

The cotton lining gives superior elasticity and dexterity. Furthermore, makes these gloves adapt to the natural flow of your hand making them more suitable.

  • Superior hand protection
  • Convenient and adaptable design
  • Great adaptability and neutrality
  • Tender, warm, safe and adaptable
  • Leather and cotton lining offers a proper fit
  • Cannot be used for extended exposure to heat
  • Available in one size that cannot fit some individuals


Can this be used for the animal?

Yes, it can secure your hands when you care for animals but for biting animals like dogs, be keen not to be crashed.

Are they machine washable?

Not recommended to be machine washed. Washing with a washing machine affects the heat accumulation of the gloves.

Can I buy either as a single, right or left?

These pair of gloves is available either as a pair, or single. For a single purchase, you can choose either left or right.

6. Superior 370GFKL Leather Welding Gloves

Superior 370GFKL Precision Arc Goatskin Leather Welding Gloves

The Superior 370GFKL welder glove with Kevlar lining combines the most cutting-edge materials available today for an advanced, perfectly sized welding glove like no other.

With the KEVLAR – close to Goatskin Leather, this welder glove is what you need for the comfort of your undertakings. They are durable, cut resistant and the best part is they are very adaptable TIG welding gloves.

Goatskin cowhide offers greater dexterity and better flexibility, which is so vital for MIG welders.

If you have been looking for excellent protection together with styling without sacrificing smoothness and responsiveness, the superior 370GFKL is your answer.

  • Kevlar Strong

With a cut resistance of up to 625 grams, you are always protected from cuts during welding.

  • Goatskin Leather Material

Made from goatskin leather which is incredibly strong and will continue serving you for quite a while.

  • ASTM ANSI Cut Level A2 Cut Resistance Level

With this cut security, it will protect you when working with sharp objects.

  • Designed to fit perfectly
  • High cut protection
  • Very adaptable
  • High contact sensitivity
  • Comfortable Kevlar lining
  • The medium size might not be ideal for some people
  • Too warm and can be discomfort for those working in high temperatures


Are these appropriate when planting flower hedges and another tingling or sharp situations?

Honestly, you could use them for planting, though not meant for that job. These are welding gloves.

Is the whole sleeve lined or is it just the back?

The cover is a genuine heavy cowhide and is unlined. The glove itself is made of supple cowhide and is lined.

Will these gloves fit me?

Yes, regardless of the hand size, you can make something out of these gloves. What will differ is the comfortability.

7. Lincoln Electric MIG/Stick Welding Gloves

Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Gloves

If you have been on the search for the best arc welding gloves, the Lincoln Electric gloves should be your next buy. It is made of leather that makes it suitable for a variety of welding jobs.

Lincoln comprises built-in sock lining for extra comfort, Kevlar stitching and welted seams for more excellent durability in these gloves.

Furthermore, the Extra thumb pad in the carrying area extends the life of the glove. With the black split cowhide with red strips, these include a feeling of style.

  • Extra Padding

Extra padding prevents pain and stress. With 5 inches sleeve, you will have the required coverage and protection during welding.

  • Cowhide and Calfskin Split Leather

These heat and fire resistant welding gloves from Lincoln are made from calfskin split leather and are ideal for MIG and stick welding. Cowhide material gives ideal high temperatures and fire resistance.

  • Minimized Design

Measuring 13 by seven by 1 inch, these are in minimized design not to be bulky on your hands.

  • Good and high-quality stitching
  • Stylish minimized gloves
  • Made from comfortable feeling cowhide material
  • Long sleeve for arm coverage and protection
  • Extra padding for required protection and comfort
  • Lacks dexterity as fingers are of the same size
  • The size may be too high for some users


How big are these gloves?

When considering how big they are, first know your hand size. Though, they can be said to be large.

Can I get the medium size of these gloves?

No. Lincoln only makes this model in one size. They consider it as large.

Can I buy a single glove?

These gloves only come as a pair, so you can’t buy it in singles.

8. RAPICCA Leather Forge Gloves Heat/Fire Resistant

RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves

Regardless of whether you are going to use these gloves for, grilling, driving wood/coal on your stove or welding, they will remain to give protection and protect from sparks, high temperatures or cuts.

Rapicca gloves are applicable even in extreme conditions. The brand assures that you can work out hot logs, coals, or equipment without putting your skin at risk.

Check out the partaking features below.

  • Long Protective Cover

The 16-inch long glove with a 7.5-inch protective cover protects your forearms from granulation of flotsam and spatters, welding sparks, hot coals and open flames, hot kitchen product, and hot steam. Protective even under harsh conditions.

  • Picked Cowhide Leather Material

RAPICCA Welding and Grilling Gloves are made from carefully selected thick and beautiful cowhide leather that is resistant to heat, oil, cut, and puncture.  Cowhide leather will make this pair of gloves serve for quite a while.

  • Available in Multiple Sizes

These 16 inches welding gloves can be purchased either as L, XL or XXL.

  • Perfect for hot errands
  • Thick and sturdy
  • High-performance gloves
  • Protects the forearm
  • Comfortable inner cotton lining
  • Heat build-up on a prolonged exposure
  • Will face a loss of dexterity over time


Are they resistant to high temperatures?

If you doubt whether these gloves are protective over high temperature, just buy it and will see by yourself. They will protect you greatly over high temperatures.

Is there a difference between the blue and grey pair?

There is a difference. The blue ones have double leathered fingers and palms to make them much heat resistant which is not the case with the grey ones.

How long will I be protected when holding hot material?

Not so long. If you are looking for more heat resistance, the reinforced glove is worth it. This one accumulates heat on prolonged exposure.

9. Caiman White Goatskin Gloves

Caiman White Goatskin, Long Cuff, Welding-Tig/Mig Medium

At number nine is a 21-inch deer skin welding glove from Caiman made explicitly for overhead, plasma and stuck welding.

It has also been specifically designed to follow the natural shape the human hand and fingers thus guaranteeing proper alignment, comfort, and finesse.

The pair serves as much as possible to ensure the forearm protection. Each piece of cowhide is sewn with 100% Kevlar threads. Also, it has a leather patch that is attached to the wrist to increase the protection and strength of the leather straps.

  • Strong Leathered Heat Shield And Calfskin

The durable leather heat shield will protect the vital wrist area. Furthermore, it also has calfskin palm reinforcements for durability.

  • Genuine American Deerskin

The Select genuine American Deerskin and Boar hide make these gloves feel comfortable and high-temperature protective to certain extend.

  • Heavy Duty Cushioning

Measures 21″ length with heavy-duty cushioning for comfort on the elbow and forearm.

  • Made from comfortable Select deerskin leather
  • Follows to the natural form of the hand
  • Perfect for overhead, plasma and bar welding
  • Heavy duty cushioning for elbow and forearm protection
  • Strong and durable leather heat shield.
  • Poor Stitching that will not last
  • May get hot due to the thickness in the gloves
  • Will not fit people with large hands


Are these gloves heat resistant?

These are made from leather; they can get hot to some extent when you hold something hot in your hands.

Do they come in a pair or as singles?

They are available and only sold as a pair. So if you needed just a single set, look elsewhere.

Are they ideal for blacksmiths?

Yes. No matter how long you blacksmith, they should work exceptionally! Though stitching can be destroyed if you do it over and over again.

10. Steiner 21918 Foam Lined, Extra Large Gloves

Steiner 21918-X Best Welding Gloves

If you have been looking for heavy-duty and durable gloves out there with regards to length, at that point consider Steiner 21918. These gloves may make you feel that you’re ready for any welding task.

They are awesome welding gloves for anybody working around high temperatures, operating with heaters, or would prefer not to get burned during welding.

If you’re doing any overhead welding where sparks are showering you, these are fabulous. They are protected with cotton lining for the comfortable feel and sweat retention.

  • Extra Cushioned Thumb

Each glove has a substantial extra cushioned thumb lash for adaptable protection in high wear areas.

  • Shoulder Split Cowhide Leather Material

Made from Select shoulder split cowhide leather that is ideal for heat protection and enduring strength.

  • Multiple Sizes

They are available in two sizes; large (18inches) and extra-large (23 inches).

  • Heavy duty gloves
  • Offers over-the-elbow protection
  • Soft and adaptable fit
  • Multiple Sizes
  • Doesn’t fit small hands
  • Poor stitching quality


Would these gloves sufficiently insulate to use on my Primo clay smoker for taking care of the cooking rack?

They are sufficiently insulated, and they can work incredibly to handle smoker racks. With them, you can reach down to your smoker with no heat burn.

Are these gloves treated with synthetic substances?

No. You don’t have to worry about allergic agents or chemicals.

Can they be cleaned?

Yes. You can undoubtedly hand wash them to clean.

How to Choose a Welding Glove?

To help you buy the first-class welding glove, here we share with you some of the vital information that will help you while making a buying decision.

Materials Used

To discover the gloves that best suit you and your work, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the materials that manufacturers use to make them. Remember, costs are not as crucial as safety, so don’t be vigilant to buy something cheap at the expense of your safety.

For this situation, it is okay to spend generously, since your safety is important than your cash.

There are various materials used to make gloves, both common and technical. The particular material class includes the: cowhide, calfskin, pigskin, goatskin, buckskin, treated cotton, and wool.

Types of Gloves

Different types of welding GlovesThere are different types of gloves made for different types of welding, and almost all of them protect your hands and extra forearms from the hot glow and high heat generated during the welding process.

Since they are a primary helper and hands protector from harm, you should select them with incredible consideration. Remember the type of welding you do in your daily schedule before choosing.

In most cases, robust, heat-resistant and scratch-resistant leather gloves are an excellent choice for regular use.

Different types of welding require different types of arm cover.

  • MIG and TIG Welding:

A Kevlar® string-knit arm coverage will be ok to protect your skin from UV rays and slag / scatter. The particular reward for using a string-knit arm sleeve is that it allows your skin to breathe. This is an extra advantage, as overheating is a typical welding problem.

  • Stick Welding:

Due to the heat generated during stick welding, you will need slightly harder core material than a string-knit sleeve. Consider choosing gloves with leather arm coverage.  This will protect your skin from starters and sparks while reducing the danger of skin cancer or being burned.

Presence or absence of Kevlar® liner

In the Gloves world, Kevlar® is used for three basic things;

Cut Protection: Cuts are normal in every industry, and it is not incomprehensible to have sharp or rough edges on the metal you weld. A Kevlar® liner will act as a cut protector without adding any bulk to your gloves.

Seam Stitching: The life of glove changes depending on how much you weld. Wear on your glove is regular because of the heat and scratchy area when handling metal. But with Kevlar liner, it will be protected to last.

Heat Protection: Kevlar® is an excellent option when it comes to heat protection. It can’t be compared to cotton.

Arm Coverage

You will agree with me that you would not weld without a face cover. You know the reasons, right? And that also has some value when it comes to arm coverage? In this case, you need to value the arm protection.

The coverage has more to do with protecting your arm from lightning or slag. Welding UV rays similarly affect your body, whereas UV rays from the sun affect you. So arm coverage will help reduce the effect.

But when choosing the best arm coverage, you also need to consider the type of welding you intend to undertake.


It does not matter the type of welding – TIG, MIG or Stick – in both process heat is usually generated.

As you know, the metal you weld will become hot during the process. The sparks and heat that comes from the torch will also affect your hands.

The degree of insulation you need depends on the degree of heat that is generated during the process. Below are some common types you can find.

Cotton Liner: Cotton is a decent protector for temperature – up to 450° F. It is an ideal choice in most of the welding types, but one thing is that it is heavy and will add some bulk to your gloves.

Aluminized Back: For high heat welding applications, such as stick welding, an aluminized back will be ideal in such a situation. It protects your hands by deflecting the generated heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

We also don’t leave you like that when we know that you are puzzled with a series of question. Here are eight commonly asked questions by most of our readers.

How much is a welding glove?

How much is a welding glove

There are various types of gloves that come with different features. They come at different prices, but most of them are affordable for less than $10; however, if you need a good pair, be ready to spend up to $100.

What is the difference between gloves made from goatskin, cowhide or deerskin?

All in all, deerskin gloves are best for adaptability; Cowhide gloves are best for toughness. In any case, a goatskin glove will work admirably as a universal glove.

Which thumb style should I choose?

That has to do with what you will find best for you. However, Keystone or winged thumbs are the best according to most of the users. These types of gloves are ergonomically shaped. We’ve found that a lot of people find it pleasing in contrast to the straight thumb styles.

Should I consider Dexterity when choosing gloves?

Of course, for the comfort of your work, your gloves must have Dexterity. It is comparable to the support the gloves will give to the welder.

What leather gloves should I purchase?

All in all, it depends on the kind of welding-type for which you will use the gloves. Like the different types of welding, you also need a different kind of gloves.

Is heat resistance a critical aspect to consider when choosing gloves?

The heat-resistant glove is undoubtedly a first safety gearbox for your welding process, which takes little account of welding types. Whichever the welding-type, heat is generated and can cause harm ranging from minimal to adverse. So, the element of heat resistance is a necessity.

How do I know if the glove I want to buy will fit my hand?

While choosing a welding glove, you have to know the size of your hand. To measure, the length starts from the highest point of the longest finger to the wrist. To measure the width, measure over the base of the knuckles on the palm side of your hand.

Why are Top-Grain and Split-Leather Gloves most considered?

Top-Grain and Split-Leather are the strongest and the smoothest type leather available. Gloves made with this type of cowhide are best equipped to withstand wear and tend to be firmer.

Final Thoughts

Welder gloves come in different sizes, and finding one that can fit you from the above rundown will not be a problem. To grip the tools and rods properly, a good fit is required.

The great fitting can make you feel right all the gear through the gloves. Regardless of whether it is small or large, welding gloves are a must-have.

Herein, the above list of the best welding gloves should be your reference when intending to buy one for your welding projects.

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